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Originally you were going to choose a cloned reshiram, but your rival/ally *yes you have a rival/ally* chose the cloned reshiram realizing that there were nothing in the ball, so you chose the zekrom, leaving your rival to catch a pokemon. There is no one in the kanto region beside you, your ally+rival, and a bunch of zombies, but the funny thing is that your rival was born in johto and you were born in the sevii island (uninfected by the zombie apocylospe) and raised at hoenn making you and your rival the last people of kanto. There are only five citys, one is cerulean, where your rival leaves kanto to the sevii islands for safty, the second one is viridian, pewter, saffron, and celadon, while the 2 towns are pallet town and lavender town. The objective was that you were suppose to kill ghost by killing the white hand and buried alive (the one who started the zombie apocyolspe). The legendary pokemons are zekrom, reshiram (by finding the white stone obviously) mewtwo, ho-oh (when at celadon city), lugia, and arceus (he appers when your pokemons are going to die, except for zekrom 2, arceus is caught after the game has been defeated). there is a easter egg in the game, when you are battling red (the champion) he has ghost but not the one that knows curse (well untill you have your last pokemon) when you defeat red, he dies as well as ghost but the ghost takes you with him. Zekrom 2 was in a deep coma and not dead, which when it sees your grave he then tires to take revenge on ghost *which is why it is called revengeful white*. After countless hours revengeful white was never made by the creator of creepy black, but maybe when the time is right