"The days of remorse are over!" boomed Dark Arceus, as he looked out over the world. Arceus was turned evil, by the also legendary Dark Plate. With its power, Arceus rained death upon the land. He now stood on his throne above the clouds, addressing all the Pokemon of the world. He also was malevolent, unwilling to take any backtalk from the Pokemon below him. He was a tyrant, and one day he would destroy a group of Pokemon adventurers coming too close to his palace. He teleported to the area above the group, and floated there, silently. They kept heading towards the palace, and Arceus followed. The group, called "Light Squad", was against the reign of terror. Arceus knew this, but he wanted to play with his prey. He took one, they noticed but kept going. After only one was left, the one stopped. And then the one Pokemon, a Dragonite, said "Arceus, I've been expecting you, how have you been?". Shocked, Arceus revealed himself. Arceus remembered that Dragonite, used to be one of his advisers, before he was banished. "How'd you get back here?" said Arceus. "Oh, Giratina helped me out." said the Dragonite, who continued walking. "Come back here!" Arceus said has he watched Dragonite walk away from him. Then Arceus had enough, using the same weapon of mass destruction he used on the lands that wouldn't comply, on Dragonite. Dragonite flew back and explosions went off everywhere. Arceus walked up to Dragonite, and kicked him, to make sure he was dead. "Wait". Arceus kept going. Dragonite crawled out of the rubble. Arceus cocked his head toward Dragonite, and fired off a Hyper Beam to his face. Dragonite was no more. Arceus went off to his palace, and Dragonite was dead, but a ghost followed.

credit to StormXEdit

I really liked this story for one reason: dark arceus. now i was originally going to add it to pokemontrollpasta but i thought "this is a really good story, why havent anyone thought of this in the first place and add a creepypasta to it. so here it is added to this wiki. I give credit to the original creator StromX