first there was the music, then came GHOST, whitehand and buried alive. that was all of the fake (except for ghost and the frequency) things. one more thing wasnt added, that was a devil, infact it is at the smaller tower in pokemon silver and gold. but lavender town was peaceful in gold and silver, how could this be possible? well there is a secert entrance, once that opens you get to battle satan, the only pokemon he have is a level 666 (because that is the devil number) darkrai, if you manage to hack the game and bring up your pokemon to level 5555 then you might win, however once you win, lavender town is gone, and you go back home. But if you lose you dont black out, there is a game over screen (like the one in the buried alive model) except that he is taking your soul and your head is on a picth fork. but one thing doesnt add up, that is darkrai, darkrai was a gen VI pokemon not a gen II pokemon, how could this be? well did i mention that this includes soul sliver and heart gold. lavender town syndrome didnt die in gen 2, it was just begining