Somethings are not what they are expected. A trainer, who is infact the mayor of lavender town, challange you to a fight whenever the pokemon tower should stay or go, in this case you want to tower to be gone. The mayor battle spirte is a serial killer, his pokemon are a gengar, ghastly, and the ghost. If you lose somethig revives your pokemon and the mayor challanges you for a rematch. If you win however, the mayor burns to the ground and your rival tells you to run which the screen fades to black and you and your rival sprite gets to the guy who gives you the pokeflute (I forgot his name) house, when you go outside the pokemon tower is infact boulders and rubbles, which means this is the end of lavender town syndrome. Don't get to excited that the tower is gone, we still have satan to defeat, who we will meet in gen 2 and gen 4 (for more infromation of G/S/C/HG/SS satan, look up "another thing of lavnder town syndrome) (By the way this is the final page to get this wiki to fame)