So one day at a party I went with friends to play pokemon games. But one of the people didn't bring his or her gameboy or ds. She just sat there. The day after the party the same person died of suicide, at first I did a facepalm cause LTS wasn't real, however the funeral was held near my house. After it ended the person mother told me to have this. I was just about to ask what was in the box when suddenly she disappered, I thought "that was werid". When I got home I opened the box, it was a Pokemon blue cartridge, but I already got a pokemon blue cartridge from my brother after the flea market, he got pokemon red. I got out my gamboy advance SP and played it. At the menu screen there was a continue file saying the person who died, Drew. I started a new game, but oak said nothing, it was a skeleton. As usaul I named my character EZ (casue it was my nickname when I played guitar hero on the easy difficulty). But I started at lavender town, during gameplay I found what made Drew commit suicide, the pokemon that was at the end, was what I thought was the Buried alive model. When i sent out the pokemon it health was at zero, it died instantlly. The battle ended with the words "EZ died". It was game over. Trying not to be Drew I manage not to commite suicide by remembering one thing, the ending screen of pokemon revengful white. It gave me happy memory. So what my lesson is that whenever you get a pokemon game from someone you don't know who mother disappers and it contain the buried alive model, DONT PLAY IT