The game starts off with pokemon white and a almost decayed zekrom as the pokemon mascot. When you choose new game it will show no one instead of professor Oak. The text box says, it's coming for revenge. You are then in a house, but with blood everywhere with no memory at all. When you go downstairs you see bodies of dead people on the floor. One of them holds a note saying "Don't go to Lavender town." the rest of the texts are all bloody. When go outside, you then hear a high pitched frequency that relates to the Lavender town frequency. The screen blacks out and you are then at Lavender town. When you press start you see the word "Pokemons" on it even though you didn't pick a starter pokemon. When you click on it you see a pokemon named "Zekrom 2." When you click on the summary you see it is decayed, arms all skeletal, skin is missing on the right upper corner of its head. You then proceed to the Pokemon tower. There is no ghost on the tower, for the ghosts are terrorizing Kanto. There is, however one thing at the final floor of the tower. When you get to the tombstone of the final floor you will encounter Buried Alive. Buried Alive and Zekrom 2 are at the same level. Zekrom 2 knows but one move and that is kill. When you select kill it will kill Buried alive, when buried alive dies, it will scream a blood curdling scream. After the battle the frequency plays again. That is when Ghost ascended from the tombstone, then brings your characters to the tomb. Zekrom two on the other hand, stopped Ghost from possesing your characters body, but your character is dead. In the end Zekrom 2 approches Buried alive scared body. Then the screen turns to black when you hear a slash.